CRACKLE and FIZZ PAGE This is a book for scientists and other experts who need to explain the significance and potential of their work to colleagues, committees, funding bodies or the general public. It details how to harness story telling principles to make complex or technical content easier to communicate and fulfilling for audiences.

Eight narrative ingredients: Audience, Change and Affect, Lure, World, Character, Big Hook, Plot and Structure are illustrated with examples and exercises to demonstrate how to build a presentation, to pitch for funds or resources, to make a persuasive argument, or simply to explain ideas so they CRACKLE AND FIZZ for the Audience.

It is full of anecdotes and examples, tips and exercises and can be read from cover to cover or dipped in to regularly and kept as a reference. I shall certainly recommend it to students and colleagues.

Professor Nancy Rothwell FRS
President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Manchester


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